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Why Choose Us?

The success behind your business is in the products you sell. The success of those products are measured in many ways but ultimately must deliver an ROI. Knowing how to achieve such success can sometimes be daunting. Partnering with someone who understands your business but more importantly, understands the product is critical.

DIY Supply understands the importance of the product and the impact it has on your business. DIY understands the marketplace world and is committed to those who venture out to "Do It Yourself". Let DIY be your partner in product sourcing and supply whether it be...

                                                                   Branded Product

                                                                White Label Product

                                                               Private Label Product

DIY Supply has 50 years in product delivery success in all aspects. With offices in the US as well as Europe &  Asia, let us show you why we are your choice for product development, sourcing, and supply.

Product for our ecommerce business was our most stressful challenge. Navigating the ins and outs of even what I can sell on my marketplace was difficult at times. DIY Supply eliminated this task all together and allowed us to truly manage our product rather than it managing us.

Tom Davis
Amazon Marketplace Owner

About Us


CEO - DIY Supply

Welcome to DIY Supply Company. First let me say thank you for considering us. 

My team and I have spent our careers working for some of the largest supply chains in the world sourcing tens of thousands of products. It can be a complex world. Throw in events such as what we all have experienced recently and it becomes sometimes impossible. That is why we created DIY Supply Company. 

Many entrepreneurs have been created out of new found opportunities in owning there own marketplace store, ecommerce business, or just living their dream of owning their own business. 

DIY Supply is a woman owned company focused on a B2B solution for you. We know and understand new product invitations, product development best practices, and supply chain logistics that wont fall short.

We have teams in the US, Asia, & Europe that work with factories everyday to ensure everything from concept, design, production and delivery meet or exceed expectations. 

If product development is not in your needs but just a solution for sourcing a branded product to resell, check out our online catalog as it changes daily. Let us help you with "PROFITABLE PRODUCT".

Thank you